Our story

The work of AKO Technical comes from 5 gifted individuals who have a passion for shaking up the status quo. Something that started life as a personal challenge has grown into a life-changing venture, focused on bringing the joy back to riding. Through enhancing the feature set of a traditional motorcycle this team has brought in increased safety, stability, and excitement. 

Our story starts in 2007 when a man saw a vehicle and thought, “we can do better”. That man was Arturas Mikalauskas and that vehicle was the Mercedes Benz F300 Life Jet. Arturas saw this creative take on motor transport and became inspired. Over the years that inspiration became an obsession and Arturas spent hours, days, and years pondering how he could create a vehicle that could avoid traffic, reduce pollution, and inject a little excitement into the humdrum of day-to-day life. One day he took his sketches and drawings, and with a colleague created 3D models that showed him just how viable his concepts were. That was the day Trike was born. 

It wasn’t until 2016 that the Trike design started to truly take shape and the project built up momentum. For the next two years until 2018 Arturas, together with his partner in crime – Lukas, spent days and nights working on the project in his garage until they finally produced the first concept-proof, first iteration of the prototype ZERO. With the first model built, Arturas and his team were inspired to keep pushing forward, taking a chance on a project that could change their lives and the world of motor vehicles forever. 

In 2020 there was a shift in global perspectives, and electric vehicles finally started getting the reverence they deserve. AKO Technical used this to their advantage, with their second prototype completed and streamlined by support from the EU and international communities, they’re ready to bring the Trike to the mainstream. The design is improved, and the tests have been completed, and AKO Technical are ready to change the game. 

The team

While the TRIKE and its design have undergone changes over the years, so has the shape of the team. Arturas kept the fire burning for the first 9 years, but realized in 2016 that his conceptual thinking and technical drawing ability weren’t matched. That’s when designer Lukas Avėnas was drafted in. With Lukas’s limited knowledge of motorcycles, it took months of collaboration and mentorship between Arturas and Lukas until they came together and created the first AKO Trike concept design.

The ideology & design

The AKO Trike was born from a passion for innovation, rather than in the pursuit of money, and its development parallels Darwin’s theory of evolution. Through trial and error, the design of the Trike adapted and evolved to become more functional and effective with every prototype and its iterations. Experimentation, commitment, and patience have led us to the finished product, that’s truly the best version of itself (so far). 

Leonardo Da Vinci said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and that concept has been kept in mind in the development of the Trike. While the inner workings are far from rudimentary, the aesthetics of the vehicle have been kept minimalistic, sleek, and stylish to flow through airstreams while creating a modern image that whispers “less is more”. This product blends art and technology, sophistication and simplicity, and brings machinery a little closer to nature. AKO Trike is the kind of vehicle designed to turn heads, and make those heads yearn for a chance at turning the handles. 

With our product we’re moving forwards towards a vehicle more exciting, sustainable, and safer than any motorcycle.
The question isn’t whether you’ll like it, it’s when can I give it a try?

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