Fundamentally AKO P150 is a vehicle based on motorcycle physics, yet it has some additional comfort features just like a regular car would.
The body tilting system enhances the default motorcycle physics and gives the rider additional safety, control as well as more possibilities compared to a motorcycle.
The feeling & overall enjoyment is like you would ride a motorcycle, for some – even greater. 

The model P150 is categorized as an L5e-A category vehicle. The license for such types of vehicles is country-dependent, but in most cases, a motorcycle license is required.
Each customer will have to go through dedicated training prior to operating the vehicle as it is closer to piloting a small aircraft rather than a motorcycle.

The body tilting system works by counter-steering physics. To tilt the vehicle to the left, you have to initiate a turn to the right. Similar to motorcycles, the driver eventually learns it flawlessly and does this completely intuitively (naturally).

Model P150 has two additional control features – the tilting column itself and a dedicated tilting lock. The column acts as feedback for the rider on the tilt angle of the vehicle. Besides that, it also enables the rider to tilt the vehicle in static or low-speed modes up to 15% of the full tilt range, without counter-steering. The tilting lock is controlled by using the lever on the left side of the steering wheel. It is an active brake, that enables the rider to break the motorcycle physics and opens new possibilities for the vehicle dynamics.

The passenger seat is located behind the drivers seat, mounted into the frame of the vehicle.

The P150 is our limited series pilot model. We are focused on bringing this vehicle to series production but it is quite a challenge, therefore, it is yet too early to set a fixed price.
However, we are already fulfilling custom exclusive orders of the P150. If this would be an interest to you, feel free to reach out via the contact form.

Yes. The P150 is a pilot series to enter the market in general. There will also be Urban series as well as other business & service type of trikes introduced.

For custom orders please contact us directly over here.